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The Easiest Skip Hire in Melbourne

If you’re going ahead with skip hire, it is important to consider a few factors in regards to what kind of waste can be put into one of our bins. As an environmentally conscious and follower of proper skip hire regulations, WM Waste Management Services wants to ensure our customers are able to dispose of their unwanted items efficiently and in compliance with Melbourne’s local by-laws.

Making Sure You Get the Right Skip Hire

A common question but one that’s hard to give an accurate answer for is exactly what size of bin is necessary. Without seeing what is being disposed of it can be difficult to gauge, but to help you estimate your requirements, please feel free to use the following approximations:

  • 3 trailer loads – 2m3
  • 7 trailer loads – 4m3
  • 9 trailer loads – 6m3
  • 12 trailer loads – 9m3
  • 15 trailer loads – 11m3

NB: One trailer load is equal to roughly six metres by four metres.

It is also important to know that our bins can only be filled as high as their sides. Because our skip hire must comply with Melbourne’s road safety rules it is unsafe to use boards or other materials against the sides to increase their capacity. If a bin is overloaded and unsafe to transport, additional charges will apply where our collectors arrive to pick it up. Bins must be unpacked to a safe level before transportation.

Using Our Bins Safely

Skip hire regulations in Melbourne stipulate that a council permit is required for a rubbish bin to be placed outside a residential block on a nature strip. A permit is also required if the bin is to be placed on a road. These permits allow for bins to be at a location for two to three days, and if required longer, additional charges will apply.

WM Waste Management Services will handle all the paperwork to apply for a council permit, so you can get on with disposing of your unwanted goods and refuse.

To find out more about WM Waste Management’s full range of efficient and affordable service, call 03 9721 1900 or enquire online.

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